Measurement Service

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Your Measurement and Verification Solution

Solve your Quality Problems together with 3DM. To stay competitive, you need to meet ever stricter quality standards. For operational efficiency and competitive sustainability, you need to do this as cost-effectively as possible. You can’t invest in a quality control or inspection solution only to find out that your system isn’t working as you expected, or that it requires significant changes to your team’s workflow, skills or software. Sometimes you may need the support of an external team of experts to use your existing investments more efficiently. As 3DM Technology, we offer you support not only with our experience but also with FARO Measurement Services and FARO solutions.
The 3DM Technology team of experts is at your disposal to integrate our 3D measurement technologies and quality control equipment with your existing systems so that you can take your operations to the next level of excellence with full support every step of the way.

Verification Measurement

You will make the shipment for the delivery of the products you produce. You measured and reported with your own equipment. Let us measure and report independently to speed up your supplier’s goods acceptance.
Let us speed up your delivery and goods acceptance times. Let us save you time and uncertain waiting.

Measurement Services

There is no need to invest in new idle capacity for measurements that are too large or too sensitive to be measured with your existing quality control equipment.
Let us serve you on-site with our expert team and save time and resources.

Your Success, Our Mission: Where We Work for You!

Sample Measurement Applications

CNC Manufacturing Flow Measurement Service

CNC Production Readiness Measurement

Thanks to the measurement service you will receive from us during the planning and preparation process of your production to save valuable time and resources, you will make precise production preparations in a short time.

CNC Production Process Quality Control

Let's speed up your processes by making precise measurements of your part, which is produced as a result of long work, without removing it from the processing device.

Fixture Measurement Service

Fixture Measurement

Let us offer on-site measurement and reporting service at the manufacturing site and assembly line installation for the manufacturing process of the fixtures you will use in serial assemblies and production lines and for the detection of deformations due to use. Receive or deliver your projects with peace of mind.

Faro Tracker

Perfect solutions for measuring your long and high-precision parts.

Measurement Service for Mega Parts

Machine Installation Measurement Service

Machine and Production Line Installation

On-site precision measurement service for the installation of machinery and equipment requiring precise installation.

Measurement of Mega Parts

On-site measurement service of Mega Parts that are problematic to transport.

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