Eines Vision Systems

Automated Vehicle Damage Detection

Eines Surface Damage Inspector is capable of detecting several kinds of defects such as dents and scratches in the vehicle body.
Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, it can learn the customer’s specifications and detect the errors that can be claimed, eliminating warranty complaints.
Our team will provide 24-hour support to help you install the system correctly and collaborate in continuous improvement, finding root causes.

Dimensional Measurement in any Section

Our system measures with high accuracy and repeatability. Thanks to its patented material, it can perform without surface damage.

Furthermore, it can take measurements between the same or different coloured elements, such as headlights zone, cockpits and side panels, airbags and steering wheels, etc.

Its flexibility allows customising it and choosing between a wide variety of analysis functions.

Our device evice combines advanced laser triangulation technology with a powerful Windows Roughed Tablet PC. The material does not need to be changed and has an ergonomic design and user-friendly interface.

Industry 4.0 in Paint

EINES® Inline Automatic Defect Repair is a system integration that enables the Process automation of the entire automotive paint quality control methodology.

1. Precise Defect Detection & Positioning
2. Defect Categorization: Thanks to Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
3. Defect Repair interface: Paint defects are prioritised, and the best parameters to
repair are sent to the robot
4. Auto-Repair Robot fixes the vehicle defects

EINES Paint Tunnel scans all defects in the vehicle surface. The system does a 3D positioning to get the defect’s specific location. It is real-time detection, showing the results just after the vehicle has gone through the tunnel. A variety of report and analysis functions are available to your need.
Also, EINES® and Konica Minolta have developed a classification system based on Deep Learning. It can classify the defects into different groups such as flat, fibre, convex, concave, scratch, drop, bump and dent.

Multi Error Proofing Solution

The system analyses each door and vehicle part in a personalised way according to the customer. It is an integrator of various component checking: electronic devices, lightning or decorative inserts, colour recognition, presence or absence of parts, relative measurements and so on.
The system can detect components with the same colour as the background where they will be located. Using Artificial Intelligence, taken images are processed differently depending on the external light. This way, images are obtained with constant contrast parameters to ease component detection.

Eines Wheel and Tire Solutions are flexible systems that check several points of wheels and tires, separated or assembled. Thanks to Big data and Traceability, we can track defects to detect and correct the root cause.

We can assist you in choosing the best solution for your plant depending on your line. The installation will have no impact and we will adapt to your production and quality specifications.

Automatic DOT Code Reader

Using an innovative system of cameras and lasers, Eines Solutions for DOT / DOM Readinng scans the tire and obtains a three-dimensional model on which sophisticated software algorithms perform, read and analyze all the writings and symbols imprinted on the tire Automatic lettering.
We are able to provide this solution to you as an automated machine or as a handheld device.

3D Robot Guidance

We adapt our Robot Guidace solution to reach the higuest precision in assembly.

Parts Identification

The solution is based on years of tire and wheel inspection installations at multiple customer sites around the world.

Error Proofing

The system can check absence and presence of different components such as spare label confirmation.
Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, any new component to check can be configured at any moment.

Battery Assembly Full Control

Eines EV Battery Suite has multiple applications for quality control in the entire battery assembly process.
Thanks to the concept’s flexibility, the solution can be adapted to the customer line to reach the highest performance.

We can adapt our several applications whatever is the disposition of your line. Our deep knowledge and experience in automotive allows us to adapt our Battery Quality Control solution to you plant’s needs.

Metrology and Surface Defects

Our vision system tunnel is the only one that can perform a full quality control scan in the finished vehicle with high accuracy.

Any vehicle variant can be configurated anytime and adapts to the required cycle time.
• More than 100 measurements
• Can measure in different materials
• Can learn different types of defects
• Three functionalities in one solution
• Simple and Sustainable

Vision System to Optimize Performance

Automated pose estimation allows to create tools designed to measure and track human movement. Therefore, optimization of a work station which measures ergonomics and provides assembly assistance, the operator’s efficiency can enormously increase.

• Critical Quality Control
• Safety
• Security
• Problem Detection & Root Cause Analysis
• High first-run Capability Rates
• Service Life Cycle
• Error Prediction
• Assembly Steps Aid, Control and Check

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